Studio engineer

Samir is an experienced studio engineer with a passion for recording and sequencing music. With 2 years experience at Cambridge Regional College, Samir has worked with a wide range of artists and genres and has a reputation for delivering good quality recordings that capture the essence of the music.


Samir got his first taste of studio work through GCSE music and was instantly hooked. Since then he has spent 2 years honing his craft through countless hours in the studio, learning from mentors and peers and has collaborated with some talented musicians.


Samir has worked on Projects such as….

Ce7ys “Lies” EP [recording and sequencing “Reciprocate”]

YJJ “Paradice EP” [Sequencing for “Please do”]

T.O.D. “Weight of the pen” EP [Sequencing, recording , mix and mastered for “KARMA”]

– Chasing the Magpie “Bigmouth strikes again [recording engineer]

Lottie Upton “Drivers licience” [recording engineer]

Mark Sainsbury “2 track up” [recording, mixing, sequencing engineer]

  • Mark Sainsbury “Evolution” [mixed and mastered]


Samir offers a range of services including recording, mixing and mastering. Samir is also available for consultation and can offer guidance on everything from song arrangement to choosing the right microphone.

Reciprocate …

This is my beat for “Reciprocate” by ce7ysmusic. Launch date 2 May 24

Press Play to check it out…

DJ set

This is my first time DJing at ce7ys’ launch party


-“Prodbysamir is a hardworking guy and gets stuff done with precision. He is a great mixing and studio engineer and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for top notch professionalism.” YJJ Music

-“Samir is a good and hard working producer who I would recommend to use” Mark Sainsbury

-“So helpful and easy to work with when recording ‘Magpie’, very knowledgeable and calm. He is cold.” Lottie Upton

-“Samir Solanki is a very talented studio engineer who has helped me many times in the set up for my recordings. Samir is very passionate about mics and different setups and whenver I have a question or need to be taught how to do something he can always show me and explain it thoroughly. I’d recommend Samir to anyone who is not totally confident about setting up recordings like me because he will make an hour’s work , 15 minutes” Holly Morgan